Several weeks ago, as I was having coffee and enjoying conversation with a friend, God challenged me. It was a simple question, but in reality is one of the things I struggle with most.

He simply asked, “Why is this conversation important?”

I didn’t hear an audible voice but felt it in my heart. My friend and I were having a normal conversation and discussing life, work, and how summer would soon be ending. At some point the topic turned to discussion of a mutual friend and several rumors that we had heard about her. Of course since both of us had heard the same things, it was true and needed to be talked about, right? Wrong. Our conversation had gone from uplifting to destructive very quickly.

James 3:10 says,

From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.”

This verse hit my heart so deeply. It was exactly what we had just done, and it was inappropriate. This verse was written for me that night and God knew I needed to hear it. So many times I find myself in situations similar to this. Harmless conversation can become negative very quickly.

Hold Your Tongue

Chapter 3 of James goes into detail of how much power our tongues actually have. The things that we say can bring either encouragement or pain. It is in our control, and that’s why it can be so harmful. I was challenged with the fact that even small snide comments that I think are funny can be very degrading and hurtful to someone else. I consistently need to check my heart and ask myself, “What are my intentions?”

Jesus lived a perfect life on earth and as Christians we are to be imitators of Him. Every day we face challenges and taming our tongues is just one of many. My challenge to you this week is to strive to be like Jesus in this area. Strive for that perfection. Pay attention to the things that you are saying and conversations in which you are participating.

– Monica Schlabach

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